Paris – April 2017.

“And I don’t know what’s going anymore. The world outside is burning in a brand new light and it isn’t one that makes me feel warm.”

Frank Turner – 1933

Yes, these times are crazy. You never know what kind of sad and tragic story happens next and somehow it makes it harder to trust people because obviously humans seem to be rather bad than good. And yes I made that mistake myself and trusted people when I shouldn’t have. So I understand that I had people around me who told me not to travel to Paris on my own, because I am a young woman, because Paris is a fucking big and scary city and why on earth would you get there because someone you only met once during a show at work said “Hey my wife is working at the venue Frank Turner is playing, wanna come around?”

But when I got picked up by Jonathan yesterday morning it was the beginning of the best 20h stay you can probably have in Paris. He took me to Versailles (wtf!?), showed me all the touristic places in town, found us icecream, introduced me to a lot of his friends and – as he promised – invited me to the show.
The show itself was – of course – amazing. After the show I met even more people from Paris and the UK. I was invited to come to the roof of the venue, had the best night view of the city and got great company until 01:30am. Then they got me and Uber to the airport, where I am right now.

Sometimes you have to do crazy things… and sometimes you have to trust people you only met once before. I met the best people you can possible meet within Paris – I had a wondeful dayand I can tell stories that most can hardly dream...


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